We at EkoConnect have the experiences in the following fields:


  • Consultancy for:
    • agricultural and horticultural farms and companies
    • companies of the food processing industry
    • marketing organisations
    • retailing and wholesaling companies involved in the conventional and specialised organic food market
    • politics and administration
    • consumer and consumer organisations
  • carrying out of trainings, information sessions and coaching for farmers, companies and organisations

building up marketing and organistional structures in the organic sector

  • building up and leading associations for the representation of interests
  • building up and leading of organic marketing organisations for organic products
  • development of marketing concepts for organic products in general and for special product categories
  • building up national systems for consultancy services

organic inspection and certification systems

  • building up of inspection and certification systems
  • accreditation – IFOAM-accreditation
  • inspection and certification of organic farms
  • national and international standards
  • IFOAM structures: co-operation with the IFOAM
  • implementation of the inspection system according to the EU-regulation 2092/91 at the level of the national authorities
  • building up regional labelling systems

agricultural environmental programmes and other subsidizing instruments

  • design and implementation of subsidizing instruments in the field of
    • agricultural environmental programmes
    • EU-structure funds
    • promotion of investments
    • institutional and project support of associations
    • support of scientific and development projects

scientific work

  • scientific research
    • about the organic markets in Central and Eastern Europe
    • about the organic market in German-speaking countries
  • accomplishment of qualitativ social research / qualitativ interviews
  • accomplishment of field research in Central and Eastern Europe
  • research about production techniques in organic agriculture