At this place we want to introduce some big projects of EkoConnect.
The project sites are still not translated completly. For further information please use our german description.

since 2011

Moldova–EU Organic Agri-food Twinning Program (project period: 01.08.2021 – 31.05.2022)

  • This project is implemented by EkoConnect in partnership with EcoVisio and aims at helping organizations from the organic sector in Moldova and the EU to exchange experiences, develop new and better quality offers for their beneficiaries and mainstream organic principles into the wider agri-food sector. It is part of the program ‘EU4Business: Connecting Companies’ managed by EUROCHAMBRES and funded under the EU4Business initiative of the European Union.

German-Ukrainian cooperation in organic farming (project period: 15.06.2016 - 14.06.2019)

  • Since July 2016 EkoConnect supports the consortium ARGE AFC Consultants International ILC & Agricultural Consulting as a partner in BMEL-funded project UKR "German-Ukrainian cooperation in organic farming". Within the project, the training and further education of experts, managers and public administration in the area of organic farming in Ukraine is to be improved.

ecoProfession (project period: 01.09.2015 - 31.08.2017)

  • The strategic partnership in the field of VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND EDUCATION is to extend the international dimension of activities for the benefit of vocational training by cooperation in scope of implementing innovations and exchange of good practices in 3 occupations.

Excursion for organic farming in Poland
  • EkoConnect organizes from 19.08. to 22.08.2015 an excursion through Poland for Swiss consultants working on the field of organic agriculture. The program includes, among others, the visit of certified organic farms of different sizes and production in Wielkopolska and near Warsaw, visiting one of the largest processor / distributer of organic food in Poland as well as the exchange with farming associations and inspection bodies.

Dissemination workshops for EU research project IMPRO (2015 - 2016)

  • Within the scope of the EU research project IMPRO EkoConnect is organizing a series of events to disseminate the project results in Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of the project is the developement of methods to improve animal health in organic dairy farming. The seminars are designed to discuss the challenges and obstacles in organic dairy production in Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic as well as showing important results of the EU research project IMPRO.


LivOrg (project period: 01.12.2013 - 30.11.2015)

  • Design and testing new VET frameworks for the transfer and recognition of organic livestock managemet skills in Europe


Adult in the Flipped Classroom (project period: 01.08.2013 - 31.07.2015)

  • The “Flipped Classroom” is an innovative, partly internet-based training concept. Learners study theory at home and apply the practise with the trainer in the classroom. In this Grundtvig-Project, a European consortium adapts the concept to adult education and works on training guidelines.


Agricultural - Environmental Forum (project period: 01.01.2013-31.08.2014)

  • Creation of a transnational platform for agriculture and environmental protection in Saxony and Lower Silesia


Organic Marketing Forum (2011 bis 2014)

  • International meeting on processing and marketing organic products and raw materials


EkoSeedForum (20.-22.03.2014)

  • European conference on organic seeds, organic plant breeding, and crop biodiversity in Poznań, Poland


Act and trade ecologically (project period: 01.01.2011 - 30.09.2013)

  • Measures to intensify the transnational cooperation in order to enhance the regional processing and marketing of organic products


Intercluster Organics

  • Clusters are regional cooperations between companies and institutions
  • The project amis at further developing the communication between clusters in organic agriculture and therefore create a network platform for European organic sector stakeholders.


LOVEt – Leonardo Organic Vocational Education and Training

  • Creating an platform for communication between science and practice in the organic food system



  • Elaboration of the best practice models of the knowledge transfer from science to practice in the organic farming sector
  • A follow up project of LOVEt 



  • 14 country reports on organic farming and market in Central an East Eurpoe
  • Download here (only german version available)


Lower Silesian - Saxony academy for agricultural and environmental protection

  • Education and information measures to improve environmental protection in the European Region Neisse


Practical training for Bulgarian vocational students - Lifelong Learning Programme (1. - 30.7.2012)

  • Practical training for Bulgarian vacational students on organic agriculture for 4 weeks


Large scale, low input organic milk and meat production / processing

  • Workshop on organic milk and meat production / processing in Russian language


Consulting and training in Moldova (since 2011)

  • In Cooperation with the Czech development aid agency "People in Need" EkoConnect supports the  developement of the organic agriculture sector.


Consulting Ukraine